Jul 30, 2009

scott berkun on how to watch transformers 2

Don’t think of it as a movie – it’s a mega abstract conceptual art project at a bargain. I paid $7.50 to see a film that cost $150 million to make. There are few bargains this good. By not thinking of it as a movie the pressure to have it make sense went away, and the cheezy jokes, cardboard cutout characters,  or racial stereotypes didn’t bother me. Instead my mind was free to wonder how many people were in charge of Megan Fox’s lip gloss. Or the conversations the CGI folks must have had about how a functioning robot that walks and gets hit by grenades and tank shells could convert in seconds into a functioning jet.

From scottberkun.com, of course.

This sounds like a useful strategy beyond Michael Bay films; it could be employed in any number of situations. It's not a long, boring, interminable meeting / email thread / PowePoint / presentation / legal document...it's an abstract conceptual art project!