Aug 28, 2009

in under a minute

TypePad asked me: What are things you can do today because of technology that you couldn't do five years ago? Here's a list of things that feel like magic, even though you may take them for granted.

  • Take a picture and have it on the web in under a minute
  • Have an idea share it with the world under a minute
  • Think of a joke and share it with my friends in under a minute
  • Send an update about where I am right now and have a friend show up in under a minute
  • Learn about a band and be listening to them in under a minute
  • Learn about a book and start reading it in under a minute
  • Have one of those frustrating "crap! what was that actor's name?" moments and then find out who it was in under a minute
  • Etc., etc.

Everything's amazing, you all should be happy, etc., etc.

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