Aug 27, 2009

to do: contemplate light beams slow enough to dodge

I really wish John Scalzi hadn't used the phrase "Epic FAIL" in the title of his piece about technology and design in Star Wars. Because otherwise it's fun reading, in a "yeah, I know, it is sad that I'm simultaneously (a) nodding in agreement, (b) finding it funny and (c) picking which bit to blog about" kind of way.

For the record, here's the bit I picked.

A tactical nightmare: They're incredibly loud, especially for firing what are essentially light beams. The fire ordnance is so slow it can be dodged, and it comes out as a streak of light that reveals your position to your enemies. Let's not even go near the idea of light beams being slow enough to dodge; that's just something you have let go of, or risk insanity.

So for the weekend it's either contemplate light beams slow enough to dodge, or unpack the rules of Eschaton. Either way -- insanity.