November 04, 2009

i am not a food blogger

But I’m a blogger who likes food. And this week I had three dishes at three restaurants in New York that are worth mentioning.

  1. The filetti pizza at Motorino Pizza in the East Village. People in SF’s East Bay (including me!) love to talk about how great the pizza is there (and it is!) but the filetti at Motorino’s on Monday night was delicious. (Of course the food geeks at the table told me that the guy that used to be there (Anthony Mangieri – who appears to be more than a little obsessive about pizza) is coming to San Francisco. Which is good.)

  2. The breakfast potatoes at Markt in the Flatiron district. I had these on my last trip, and had forgotten about them. But when my eggs, potatoes and toast arrived this morning, I remembered. Delicious, with the right amount of peppers and onions layered on top.

  3. The tagliatelle with meat sauce at Il Bastardo, again in the flatiron district. Il Bastardo is one of those places you’d probably walk right by, especially if you’re a real food blogger. And the place itself is one of those cavernous places that probably had its back room rented out more often than not in the go go days, and is open until 4 am for the clubbers, but their taglietelle was great. The pasta was perfectly cooked, with a generous helping of just-sweet-enough meat sauce. Paired with an unknown sangiovese, it hit the spot.

There you go! Now I’m a food blogger.