Nov 02, 2009 recap

Last Tuesday night, after Caltrans closed the Bay Bridge for repairs, I set up a single serving site:, and then proceeded to pimp it lightly here and on Twitter.

Just because I find this kind of stuff interesting, here's a quick summary of visitor traffic and activity. The data here is from Tuesday night through "now" (or whatever Google Analytics defines as "now"):

  • 2,756 visits / 3,285 pageviews
  • 45 comments, or 1 comment for every 73 pageviews
  • 48 tweets, or 1 tweet for every 68 pageviews
  • This was a local story, so the vast majority of the visits were from California
  • 45% of visits were direct, 55% were clicks from referring sites

And the top ten referring sites were...

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. SFist
  4. Google
  9. (hey, that's me!)

Obviously this wasn't a huge viral hit. But it was a fun little $15 / 15 minute project. And in case you hadn't heard, the Bay Bridge is now open.