Dec 06, 2009

the song remains the same

Dean Allen shuts down Favrd, and kicks off a new version the same discussion we've been having for 10+ years now.

On the one hand, our linked-to blogger, Jeffrey Zeldman:

That a community may no longer please its creator is hardly relevant. Once community exists, it is not about the person who created the conditions for its existence; it’s about the people who inhabit the space. If you don’t believe that, you have no business creating anything.

On the other hand, everyone's favorite cranky commenter, Joe Clark:

The creator always has the right to say enough is enough. If you’re the sole proprietor, I lean more toward the side that gives you life-or-death control over the “community.” I don’t have a socialist model of online community for those cases.

Me? I just don't understand how Dean stuck with it for as long as he did.

Update: I like Mike Monteiro's take: "Now, we can all bitch about it being gone or we can go build something good enough that people will cry when it’s gone too."