December 07, 2009

yesss. very powerful words.

Filmosophy reviews You’ve Got Mail.

I have been at some point in my growing up, so in this movie, so in love with the whole thing of it, that I wanted to buy armfuls of white t-shirts and olive green cardigans from The Gap and be that skinny, be “a lone reed”, wear a strappy wristwatch and go to Starbucks and maybe aim for bigger breasts and low-rise Dockers instead of pleat-front, but still, to this day, imagine he is walking just behind me on city blocks unnoticed, ordering me bouquets of sharpened pencils for Fall and stealing my business out from under me and making plans to ruin my life. Or something. Because that is love, we have learned, are reminded: we earn it, through unrelenting patience and saintlike forgiveness and cute-meet, Hollywood coincidence and E-MAIL.

Via The Awl, who quoted the meta-enabling bit re. how we’ve all been so busy doing email that we haven’t had a chance to discuss the ramifications of it yet, plus listicles (whatever those are); meanwhile I just liked this perfect description of mid-to-late-nineties Meg Ryan-ness.

Also, Filmosophy is set in Rockwell, which makes it that much better.