Jan 11, 2010

green on deitch

Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes on MOCA hiring Jeffrey Deitch.

In a haven't-I-read-that-before piece on New York magazine's website, Jerry Saltz pulls out this cliche: "[B]ear in mind that MOCA desperately needs to think outside the box..." Actually, no it doesn't. It was thinking "outside the box" (namely: profligate spending) that got MOCA into trouble in the first place. MOCA needs to continue to do what it's done well for most of the last 30 years: collecting contemporary art and launching smart, historical, revisionist exhibitions and programs that define the period.

Emphasis mine. I've written about both of them here before, but MOCA put on two shows in the early 90s that really formed the way I look at contemporary art today, and how museums put on shows: Helter Skelter: LA Art in the 1990s and Rolywholyover A Circus. More like those, pls.