February 25, 2010

broken basketball

This is how the NBA’s situation differs from Hollywood three years ago. Hollywood stumbled by accident into the realization that things were broken. But the NBA already knows. The league wants a system more beneficial to owners that features a hard salary cap, no long-term deals (only three or four years guaranteed at most) and no luxury tax. The players will dig their feet in and fight. We will have a lockout or a strike. It will last for months. And months. And months. Start preparing yourself mentally now. It’s going to happen.

via sports.espn.go.com

Bill Simmons (yes, David, I know, I still need to read The Book) dumps 3,800 words on just how completely screwed up the NBA is. I don’t follow the sport that closely, but even the casual observer has to wonder just how the hell the league (as a system) can afford to do things like paying Jamaal Tinsley “$10.6 million this season and the next by Indiana *not* to play there.” Worth reading in full.