Feb 15, 2010

i love style rookie

And I also love it that 13 year old Tavi Gevinson's done enough great blogging to drive Gawker writers to jealousy-induced fits of apoplexy.

To the crowd at China One in the East Village, where last night Brooklyn design duo I Love Factory held a Fashion Week party for a new line of fancy hats, Tavi was a real gut-level, "holy shit!" superstar. Tavi's entrance—mom and entourage in tow—was heralded by a tectonic shift as partygoers scrambled out of Tavi's way. Tavi passed through the parted crowd, back to where models showed off the hats. The two syllables of her name filled the room. A semi-circle of fans snapped pictures with their iPhones. The bolder ones approached her, then the party photographer Bronques waved them away so he could get a clear shot.