Feb 18, 2010

invoking the ghost of clara peller

Over at GeekWeek, Luke Thompson's been reviewing various fast food items. Up this week, the Wendy's Premium Fish Fillet.

Lighter, these are not. The piece of fish on my sandwich was dwarfed by the bun (Hey Wendy’s, I think I hear the ghost of Clara Peller: “Where’s the fish?”), and the fish itself was dominated by the, ahem, “Panko.” Wendy’s dense buns are good for burgers loaded with drippy toppings – if they were to bring back some kind of chili cheeseburger, I’d advocate them – but when you’re dealing with an already-breaded product, it’s a bit much. The fish was also a bit too salty for my tastes, though I tend to like less salt than most, but a hint of slight spiciness was welcome. Beyond that, they add lettuce, sauce, and – for forty more cents! – cheese.

This isn't an ironic foodie review ("Oh, look how hip we are appreciating the fast food"), this is from a true fast-food lover. Who else would know so much about Wendy's dense buns?