February 22, 2010

that's it...this means WAR.

The latest headline news round up, courtesy of my new favorite Google News search for “declares war on.”

  • Cisco Delcares War on HP
  • Apple iPhone App Store declares war on sex
  • Audi Declares War on Weight
  • County Declares War on Heroin
  • Molly Shannon declares war on Sue Sylvester!
  • White House Declares War on Asian Carp
  • Richard Branson declares war on carbon
  • Kayihura declares war on bad road users upcountry
  • Al-Qaeda Leader Declares War On US
  • Cuomo Declares War on Pop-Up Ads
  • The Obama Administration Declares War on Toyta
  • Ed Milliband declares war on climate change sceptics
  • Prince Charles Declares War On The Enlightenment
  • Baghdad declares war on new apartment blocks
  • Google Declares War on Apple with iPhone App
  • Opposition leader declares war on racist Victorians

Forget picking one particular news source; I’m declaring the next trend in news reading is to filter your stream through one particular turn of phrase. See also Greg Knauss’ The American People, which, sadly, hasn’t auto-updated since last September.