Feb 10, 2010

the distinction between sites and people

Note -- this was originally posted to Buzz. You can follow me there if you're so inclined.

Not that I'm ready to do this, but could one move their RSS reading into Buzz? Can you subscribe to an RSS feed from Buzz? (There's a longer thought here that needs more time to gestate about the distinction between "sites" and "people," and how Twitter's basically ignored that distinction, and how Facebook's dealing with it via the distinction between profiles and pages).

If the New York Times, for instance, or a multi-author blog, wanted to enable people to read their headlines through Buzz, how would they do that? Create a Google profile, connect it to their site, set up a link with a rel="me" tag on it? And that's a "push / rely on the publisher to create a discoverable profile" model -- what about a "pull" model where end users just want to flow things into this one UI?

OK, this is now a blog post, and I might as well just cross-post it to my blog. So when you see the headline here flow through (thanks for the instructions bradfitz), you can ignore it at will.