March 12, 2010

entitled to care, starring jason schwartzman

But, then we also find ourselves having to beg them to face the non-negotiable reality of a scary, complicated, and hard-to-monetize new environment where nobody cares how attached you are to your spreadsheet. Bravely vowing to continue pretending it’s 1972 is a terrific treatment for a film, but it’s a crap way to run your growing business.


Merlin’s piece about entitlements and business model dirt naps is worth reading in full.

But the little bit excerpted makes me think that this would make a terrific film. Directed by Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman stars as a young, inherited-wealth magazine publisher who bravely vows to continue to pretend it’s 1972, while all around him people in distressed jeans, sneakers and ironic t-shirts whiz past with their iPads and their Foursquare checkins.

OK, now that I think about it…maybe not.