Mar 29, 2010

greenberg down under

“Greenberg is back and anti-social as ever! This time, the severely depressed suicidal misanthrope finds himself in the Australian outback, where he has to rescue his step-niece and her friend from sex traffickers and get back to Los Angeles in time to save his brother’s dog from an auto immune disorder.”


Lindsay Robertson imagines the sequel to Greenberg. Proabably better if you've seen the movie.

(Speaking of which, having seen the movie, I'm even more amazed by the interviewers (I'm looking at you, Terry Gross) who were stupid enough to ask Ben Stiller what events in his life he was able to draw on to play Greenberg. Because either (a) he's, you know, ACTING, or (b) he's not really going to admit things like that to the general public. Again, probably better if you've seen the movie.)