Mar 05, 2010

quite a lot!

Anyway: Dave Eggers! I am writing to compare him to Wyndham Lewis, because while there is definitely something to not like about him, there is a lot to praise. Quite a lot! There is great worth in Dave Eggers.


Maria Bustillos tries really (really!) hard to say good things about Dave Eggers, and compares him to Wyndham Lewis. Which I guess is a good thing?

Me? I've never met Dave Eggers. But I like some of his books! And The Believer sure is neat. And I was surprised at how much I liked Where the Wild Things Are because I don't think it was really that "twee" and was actually quite a sophisticated story... But what do I know. I don't write for The Awl, and I don't know enough about Wyndham Lewis to know whether or not Ms. Bustillos is being ironical.