May 26, 2010

sports grid

Rex Sorgatz (for Dan Abrams) launches Sports Grid, which I think could be (inadequately, narrow-mindedly) pitched as “ESPN meets The Awl.”

Our goal is a simple one: to cover the culture of sports and entertainment, as well as the media personalities who talk and write about it, in a fun, compelling and easy to consume way. Perhaps more importantly, we also aim to objectively rank the legions of participants of our favorite pastimes by tracking who is – at any given moment – receiving the most “buzz” from his or her actions on and off the field.

Theory: Sports Grid is a bet to build a future home for Bill Simmons, whose contract with ESPN is up this summer. In the sports media world, he’s the free agent that matters. Which I now know for a fact, thanks to the Sports Grid Power Grid for writers.