June 15, 2010

messy and manic in flat-front khakis

Highly recommended: Jamie Lidell's Compass. Pitchfork only gave it a 6.6 (really? not a 6.7?) But the bits that they found worthy of criticism are what I think make it his most interesting record yet...

Compass isn't another sweeping re-invention of Lidell's sound, nor is it even really a particularly cohesive collection of songs. It is, instead, a messy and manic record, one that's more concerned with the moment than with any overarching aesthetic or tone.

Up with messy, manic and concerns of the moment. Here's the video for track six, The Ring.


You may also enjoy the video for I Wanna Be Your Telephone, which features Lidell in flat-front khakis. It's my favorite song on the record.