July 15, 2010

champion on inception

Edward's Champion's reviews are always worth reading, and his new review of Inception is no exception, especially since it's studded with gems like "It’s never a wise idea to name a protagonist after a salad" and "as dead as a greedy investment banker’s onyx soul." But I think the premise of his negative take on the movie is fundamentally flawed.

Nolan has been given a $160 million budget to get a mass audience to confront its deepest visceral fantasies, but, with Inception, the collected reveries resemble a pedestrian heist movie.

I somehow doubt that the studio approved a nine figure budget to fund an enormous psychotherapy experiment. Instead, I think they probably wanted a heist movie with a hot star, cool visual effects and a hook that would drive some pre-release mystery and intrigue. You know, a summer blockbuster?