Aug 13, 2010

tweetdeck and the single stream

John Borthwick has a good post dissecting the new Android version of Tweetdeck, which, from all appearances (I'm not an Android user) does something interesting in combining streams from mutiple services and differentiating the updates in a useful way.

The original Tweetdeck broke new ground in how Twitter could be used.   All the Twitter clients had until that time taken their DNA from the IM clients.   They all sought to replicate a single column, a diminutive view of the stream.   Tweetdeck on the desktop changed all of that.   Offering a multi column view that was immersive, intense and full on.     As you move your service to different platforms (say from Web to mobile) you are faced with the perplexing question of whether you re-think the service to fit the dimensions and features of the new platform (mobile) or you offer users the same familiar experience.

It's a pretty bold move for the Tweetdeck team, whose product brand is pretty much defined by the "I'm a power user, hear me roar from the cockpit of my social media supersonic jet fighter" multi-column layout. Would love to see this in their iPhone version.