September 13, 2010

The Thump of Fallen Icons

From: Carl Steadman 
To: A secret invitation-only list run by Michael Sippey 
Cc: Majordomo 
Subject: The Thump of Fallen Icons

"Suffice it to say that in our view the premises of 
revolution, on the cultural as well as on the strictly 
political level, are not only ripe, they have begun to 

We have been lulled to sleep. Safety is not in numbers! 
The Digital Revolution is in danger of being lost to 
profiteers and opportunists, to hollow souls and weak minds.

At first, I believed my rallying cry to be, "Purge all 
lurkers!" The Times and Time-Warner alike, they are mere 

But then, I realized.

What we need is a sacrifice.

So I admit myself to exile, for the greater good.

Do this in memory of me,