Oct 29, 2010

bill simmons on lebron james and dwayne wade

I read this excellent post from Bill Simmons about the Miami v. Boston game this week, and in the back of my head keep hearing that line from the Highlander series*: "There can be only one."

LeBron and Wade are creators in a decidedly modern way: scorers first, then passers if they can't score. I got this. That's how players think in the post-Jordan, AAU-dominated, microwavable fame era. That's how you earn the most money, generate the most attention, land shoe commercials and end up producing one-hour shows in which you pick your next team. You can't expect two superstars in their primes to suddenly shut off the "I got this" switch. It's not realistic.

* Shut up. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't try to pretend you don't.