November 17, 2010

links for 2010-11-17

  • I like this advice he gives about the answers to obvious questions like "do you need to raise money?" "Think about them, write down your answers, and then refer back to them as you have conversations with advisors, potential investors, and even your customers."
  • "In Saturday's Twitter fury, Bissinger only began with the British judge, who upheld the conviction of a man for a joking Tweet (frustrated that a weather delay might keep him from seeing his girlfriend, he said he would blow up the airport). He went on to compare the Miami Heat's James to a 6-year-old and called New York Times columnist Paul Krugman "a miserable mope who doesn't like anything" and who wouldn't improve the economy one iota, if he had to stop talking and take some action."
  • "He designed this feature to abstract away texts vs. email vs. chat. But 99% of real humans don't care about this, and won't experience his "relief" because this was never a problem in the first place. Teens always text each other, because they always have their cell phones & this is the way to reach them. And to reach your grandma, you use email. Simple. No mixing up grandma with your girlfriend."