Dec 21, 2010

my top 9 songs of the year

Top tens are so over. Here are my top 9 favorite tracks from 2010.



The first two I have to put on there because I'm a white guy over the age of 40. Two songs about telephones, both of which had excellent music videos (go watch them). Rihanna because even though people think she's a robot I thought she chewed up the stage on Letterman. (Mmmm, robots.) Kanye because. Sade as the anti-Kanye, and that whole record kills. James Blake's cover of the Feist song is mind-blowing, the video makes it better, and that's even before I understood his whole "thing" with the dubstep. And finally, as previously tweeted, Reznor clearly trumped Daft Punk in the great soundtrack war of 2010, and the reprise of Hand Covers Bruise, which comes about 3/4th of the way through the record knocks your socks off the way reprises should.