Dec 16, 2010

three delicious things

Three small things about the rumored impending sunsetting of Delicious.

First, it's easy to grab an archive of all your bookmarks, and there are plenty of services that you can import them into.  But I never used Delicious as something to "store" things, I used it as a place for link blogging. Delicious wasn't about personal utility, it was about public performance.

So I just grabbed my archives and put them up here, where it's back to being about personal utility. Bookmark activity back to 2003!  Kind of fun, actually.

Second, one of the things I found there was a December 2003 bit in NTK, the fantastic brit email newsletter from the early aughts, about itself.  I've screenshotted the paragraph because if you were around the web then and read NTK, it will send you down a nostalgia tunnel so deep and long as to have no end.


Third, while having no clue what the hell Yahoo!! (so great now it deserves two exclamation points) is doing shuttering one of their Web 2.0 darlings, I absolutely loved this tweet from @fakecarolbartz.