Dec 08, 2010

wikileaks information arbitrage opportunity

This bit from a former intelligence analyst on a mailing list I'm on caught my attention...

I'll bet there's a wonderful opportunity for market & other manipulation through forged Wikileak cables, i.e., if only a tiny smattering of them have been published as yet, and when they are they're often DDoS'ed into obscurity but potentially downloaded by some and forwarded around, then if some particularly juicy cable turned up, it's likely to be believed, for long enough, by a certain set of people.

So, say, a cable about apparent Russian mafia plans to corner a particular commodity... "leak" it to all the right people, after putting a bunch of calls on the commodity.

In further email conversation he pointed out that (a) the Intelligence Community wouldn't want to confirm or deny the veracity of any forged cables, and (b) Assange, being in jail, wouldn't be in any position to comment on them either... Now's the time, people.