Dec 07, 2010

you can't reason about products

The Journal's interview with Joshua Schachter is interesting, not for the attention grabbing headline and lede, but for the connection he makes between his feelings about angel investment and product development.

“You can’t reason about products - great products are emotional,” he says. “You build products and react and see how it goes. I think we’ll try to build a bunch of things. We’re still discussing what to do. We have to get to the first couple of prototypes, and those are almost always poor. It’s nice when you build something even if it’s not the right thing – it’s useful for the next project, and they come out faster and faster.”

I'm disappointed that Tasty Labs is no longer pursuing their "marketplace for used satellites" idea, and are on to the more mundane mission of "putting the useful back into social software." I'm gonna go poke Joshua on Facebook.