January 26, 2011

bedroom troubadours, lo-fi tweakers, freak folkers and the like

Via Gothamist’s story about All Tomorrow’s Parties moving to Asbury Park, New Jersey (now that it’s swapped its upstate pretense for Jersey shore pretense I really want to go), comes this May 2010 post at MBV about Jeff Magnum performing some Neutral Milk Hotel at a benefit for Chris Knox.  I love this paragraph in particular:

“These days, we take for granted that there’s a whole world out there of people making bizarre music – bedroom troubadours, lo-fi tweakers, freak folkers and the like. We have the luxury of hand-picking the bizarre music that speaks to us most directly, and of instantly accessing that music in the format most convenient to us. We can share it with our friends, we can broadcast it online – we can even find a totally serviceable and socially acceptable compromise between the music we do like and the music we should like.”

Speaking of which, here’s Oh Comely, embedded via Rdio, which is a fantastic leap forward on the evolutionary chain of hand-picking musical luxury. Enjoy.