February 10, 2011


Miscellaneous links, some of which may have been previously shared on Twitter.  I love this suitcase, but can't imagine anyone carrying this on to a flight. / Holy crap there's a True Grit iPad app with widelux photos from Jeff Bridges.  (Why am I still sitting with my laptop right now?) / Rich Juzwiak on The Only Britney Spears Video That Matters.  / Twitter's stats from the Superbowl (spoiler:  lots of tweets), but who wouldn't love to see Facebook's from the same time period? / How to pour milk, from The Content Farm. / Malcolm Browne Dash will one day rule the earth, and we'll all say "we knew his mom & dad." / David on Marco on The Daily:  "If you are asking your audience to consume something they don't want to, you better stop or they won't be your audience anymore." / And, finally, Brian Wilson on Twitter