Mar 16, 2011

gawker does good headline

I ran into Rex Sorgatz in the Austin airport yesterday afternoon*, where we were contractually obligated to talk about the Gawker redesign. (For the record, while it's generally inadvisable to bet against Denton, I'd take Rex's side of the bet.) My take: what was missing for me in the redesign was the ability to do the quick scan -- to get the < 2 minute read on the Gawker take on today. The "blog view" makes it better, because my GOD they write the best damn headlines.  Here are a few from today:

So good.

* Look, kids -- name dropping and conference dropping in one clause! Having a discussion about Gawker while in the Austin airport should have earned us both some sort of "My God, could you be more cliche?" badge on Foursquare.