May 02, 2011

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It was an odd but good thing to load up this morning and remember that he's turned over the reins to guest blogger Tim Carmody for the week. (Nothing against Jason, it just is wild to have a shift like that...and I love reading Tim.) His post The limits of crowds mixes reactions to the death of Bin Laden, an editor's note from Jason, a Storify thread and notes on last night's scene outside the White House into a meditation on how Bin Laden has stunted our collective ability to process collectively, if you'll forgive the redundant redundancy.

This guy -- this son-of-a-bitch who murdered thousands of people here ten years ago and helped murder many more all around the world -- has us so twisted up that we do not know how to feel about him, or ourselves, at all.

And our inability to come together, and to talk about that, which was already latent in the way our media work, and all the more amplified by what ten years of this twisting and torturing, and being twisted into torture and then lying about torture, only makes it worse.

Tim's set his own bar high for the rest of the week. You owe it to yourself to tune in.