May 05, 2011

so now @mike_ftw has an editorial calendar

This morning friend of the show Mike Monteiro tweeted:

Whatever. I’ve got an editorial calendar and it says right here that on Thursday I’m supposed to take on Europe.

Now, I've followed Mike on Twitter for quite some time, and I don't doubt his willingness or ability to take on all of Europe on a Thursday. However, I was pretty sure he was kidding about having an editorial calendar. So I asked Twitter...

HEY TWITTER: Let's build an editorial calendar for @Mike_FTW:

And oh did people respond. I love the Internet.

TypeWithMe -- the service I linked to -- is an EtherPad descendent and lets (up to 16) people collaborate on a document at one time, color coding contributions along the way.  I had it open in a tab for a lot of the day, and watched the multi-colored insanity just pour in. If you visit that URL above, it's probably still going. (I wonder what the half life of the contents of that document will be over the "long" run?)

For, um, posterity the current state of the document is archived here. There are lots of Gruber jokes. And Phillies jokes. I ran it through OS X's text summary service to get it down to something excerptable, and here's what came out:

  • May 16, Mon: Pitch @zeldman AEA talk topic, "Fuck all y'all, pay me, by which I mean, make your checks out to Mule Design right now." Afternoon tangent: Post Instagram from Twin Peaks opining how much better it is to walk up a hill with a beard
  • June 7, Tues: Make a new t-shirt making fun of Gruber & sell it at WWDC in the exhibit hall.
  • June 8, Wed: Trick Dan Benjamin into letting me onto The Talk Show in order to gang up on John with Dan making fun of the Yankees.
  • August 5, Fri: Spend an episode of Let's make mistakes on how a random tweet three months ago landed you a ridiculously packed calendar.
  • August 6, Sat: Wish a happy 30th birthday to the first thing to wreck @Maria_Pete's vagina, then chuck the calendar and choose to do your own thing.

Yep. That works. If you haven't contributed your own, you still can.