Jun 27, 2011

In London

I'm spending the week in London. Arrived here yesterday afternoon and after dumping bags at the hotel wandered down to the Tate Modern. I'm generally a fan of timelines, but found the Tate's artist timeline a bit depressing...an artist's entire life's work, reduced to their name on a wall, clumped with others to make it easy to understand. Ah, reductionism.

Tate timeline

Loved the Barclay's bike hire system, though. Nabbed a bike for the afternoon and managed to survive riding on the left-hand side of the road, out through Hyde Park, down to Kensington, back up to Camden. Ten or twenty years ago a system like this would never have worked in San Francisco, but enough of the life of The City has moved to the flat lands (Embarcadero, downtown, SOMA, South Beach) that maybe?