Jul 21, 2011

clients from hell from hell

From the latest clientsfromhell:

Recently a potential client came to us to develop a brand and Web site layout for a new project dedicated to serving pornography that contained “wholesome eroticism” and displayed proper Christian values relative to sexuality.

This one actually sounds reasonably interesting. But on the whole I really dislike Clients from Hell, because as much fun as it must be to bash on people that you feel are below you, it puts the blame in the wrong place. It’s not their fault that they’re not as smart as you about things related to the Interwebs; it’s your fault for not treating them with the respect they deserve. Either by not hiring them in the first place, or by realizing that part of your job is to help make them better. They’re your clients. If they’re not treating you well or they’re not smart enough for you, that’s your fault...not theirs.