August 30, 2011

vote for my panel

I'm leading a panel discussion at an event in a few weeks, and I was asked if I would need anything above and beyond the usual (projector, mics, etc.). And since I'm regularly asked to lead panel discussions, I thought I'd share my rider in the spirit of making your panels better...and easier to organize in the future!

Here's the list of what I ask for every time I appear at an industry conference.

  • An old school overhead projector with seven clear transparencies and four colored markers (green, red, black and blue)
  • A supersized post-it note flipboard, with six colored markers, preferably the ones that have nice smells (strawberry, lime, blueberry, licorice and cherry)
  • A bullhorn, with a spare set of batteries
  • Three stick-on clown noses
  • One pair of groucho marx glasses with attached nose and moustache
  • Juggling pins
  • Three quarts of flourescent paint. Seven 2" and five 1" paintbrushes.
  • Black lights to fill the room
  • Eight cases of bottled water
  • One hunting knife, preferably serrated
  • 2 x 50ft lengths of braided polypropylene general purpose rope
  • 11 flourescent green glow sticks, at least 6" in length
  • Six rolls of 1.87" wide silver duct tape
  • 24 10x10 clear plastic sheets / drop cloths
  • 2 body bags
  • Three sheets of CIA-grade blotter acid

Oh, and SxSW is going to be awesome this year. You should definitely vote for the panel Ted Rheingold and I are organizing: On the Internet, Everyone Knows You're a Dog.