Dec 07, 2011

still not journalists

I can't believe we're still having this argument...and losing. Headline on Oregon Court Rules Blogging Isn't Journalism (tastefully illustrated with a Getty Images stock photo of the words "blog blog" coming out of an antique typewriter).

See also this afternoon's stream of tweets from Gothamist's Jake Dobkin. Presented in chronological order...

Today's update: I filed the official appeal on my (2nd!) denied application. And Norm is also going to talk w/the city's attorneys. #

At this rate, I'm almost certain to have a press pass before @gothamist's 15th anniversay in 2018! #

I don't understand how @MikeBloomberg can claim NYC is friendly to startups, when @gothamist still can't get a press pass after 7 years. #

We're a NYC born and bred media startup that employs more than twenty-five people. We work hard to deliver original content every day. #

Last month we had 2.5MM unique readers in New York City. But the @nypdnews tells me we're not a real news organization. That's just wrong. #

But how can we be expected to deliver more original content if we're denied the same access mainstream news organizations take for granted? #

I just can't believe that it's going to take a lawsuit to get us the same basic treatment newspapers, radio, and TV stations get every day. #

So next time someone accuses a blog of aggregating- ask yourself, how can they avoid aggr without all the tools to produce original posts? #

We've democratized the tools of content production, distribution and monetization to the point where Jake can build a sustainable media business that employs 25 people and reaches millions of readers. But as Jake rightly points out, the set of "tools" he needs to run his business go beyond a CMS, a CDN and some SEO. It also includes tools that give his contributors access.