January 29, 2013

even if it's fake it's real, uppercup edition

So the Uppercup (pictured above), a Kickstarter-like iPhone accessory project, has been making the link rounds.

No more one handed typing. No more spilling coffee on your lap. Have your hands free for your optimal texting, gaming and social networking pleasure. Ever since the 1st smartphone came to the market we all have been waiting for Uppercup™. The first cupholder for the iPhone.

Yep, the first cupholder for the iPhone. Just what nobody needs. If you haven’t watched their video, you should. It’s a pitch-perfect pastiche, complete with an overblown problem statement, some mocked up 3-D renderings and a lovely jingle at the end. So far, the campaign has raised $845 of it’s $25,000 goal.

The brilliance? The project is set up on Indiegogo as a Flexible Funding campaign.

If your campaign is set up as Flexible Funding, you will be able to keep the funds you raise, even if you don’t meet your goal.

I’m thinking of donating, just because. Only 32 days left!