September 17, 2021

Max Fischer's clubs, ranked

It’s college application season, and I can personally attest that there are a lot of high school seniors that are currently stressing about their GPAs, their standardized test scores, their essays…and their extra-curricular activities. As a reminder of just how absurd this whole process is, here’s a list of the club activities of possibly the greatest extra curricular film participant of all time, Rushmore’s Max Fischer…ranked by potential attractiveness to college admissions officers.¹

  1. Max Fischer Players, Director
  2. Yankee Review, Editor-In-Chief, Publisher
  3. Astronomy Society, Founder
  4. Trap & Skeet Club, Founder
  5. Debate Team, Captain
  6. French Club, President
  7. Calligraphy Club, President
  8. Yankee Racers, Founder
  9. Fencing Team, Captain
  10. Rushmore Beekeepers, President
  11. Bombardment Society, Founder
  12. Kite Flying Society, Co-Founder
  13. Stamp & Coin Club, Vice President
  14. Model UN, Russia
  15. 2nd Chorale, Choirmaster
  16. Lacrosse Team, Manager
  17. Track & Field, JV Decathlon
  18. Kung Fu Club, Yellow Belt
  19. Piper Cub Club, 4.5 hours logged

¹ Also, I had this list kicking around in my Notes app, just begging to be shared.

(Originally published on Medium.)