Blackbird Spyplane on credits in movies, music and fashion. “Just appreciating the visual representation, as name after name goes by, of the fact that MAD PEOPLE besides the director, writer & actors worked to make the thing I just watched — a collectivist counterbalance to romantic yet pernicious myths of INDIVIDUALIST GENIUS that can make us focus disproportionately on “numero uno” at the expense of fellowship & communitarian obligations!”

Tim Kawakami has a long read on Steve Kerr’s signature season. In this quote Kerr says psychological safety without saying psychological safety. “What really helped was I came in here with a blank slate as a coach and a five-year contract. I wasn’t afraid of getting fired. And I was gifted this incredibly talented team that allowed me to do that stuff and we could still win. Between the job security I had, starting out with my contract and then my relationship with Bob and his trust in me and the talent we had, which allowed us to maneuver and mess around with some lineups, maybe even losing some games as a result, but with the big picture in mind. It was way easier for me than for say, some coach who took over a lottery team and was going to get fired in a year if he didn’t win some games.”

R.E. Hawley, BeReal and the Fantasy of an Authentic Online Life. “The fantasy of an authentic social-media experience is as compelling as it is categorically impossible. It would, after all, be nice to discover that the secret to peering into the fully realized, complex personhood of another was as simple as finding the right design. But for all the documentation of our lives now available to us – posed or “real” – we do not appear to know one another more profoundly or intimately for it.”