Marcus Thompson: Draymond Green’s fingerprints are all over Warriors’ Game 5 win, especially this bit about that incredible moment when Draymond followed Tatum to the bench after the Celtics called timeout. “This was a version of a player taking a shot during a dead ball and an opponent swatting it out of the air. Can’t let shooters see the ball go in. Can’t let scorers steal confidence between whistles. … Play had stopped. The Celtics were headed to the bench for their timeout. But the Warriors’ ball pressure didn’t let up. A defiant Tatum, unwilling to show signs of surrender, responded by keeping the rock and taking it to the bench with him. So Draymond followed Tatum all the way to the Boston bench, backpedaling into a hedge of green like the Homer Simpson GIF. The Warriors star didn’t care that he was surrounded by the entire Celtics roster. He was following the ball. He was being a nuisance. He was sending a message. He was doing what Draymond does.”

Even if it’s fake it’s real, the architect seal of approval edition. “An architect lent his license to a New York City developer to approve buildings he didn’t design.”

Jamelle Bouie: The Gerontocracy of the Democratic Party Doesn’t Understand That We’re at the Brink. “What’s missing from party leaders, an absence that is endlessly frustrating to younger liberals, is any sense of urgency and crisis — any sense that our system is on the brink. Despite mounting threats to the right to vote, the right to an abortion and the ability of the federal government to act proactively in the public interest, senior Democrats continue to act as if American politics is back to business as usual.”

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index. Interested in digging into the details of inflation? All the data’s here. (Via Data is Plural.)