ArtNet on the new James Turrell Skyspace in Colorado. “Titled after the Colorado town where it resides, Green Mountain Falls Skyspace, joins more than 85 other ‘Skyspace’ installations built around the world, but it’s the first one situated on the side of a mountain, as well as the first in Colorado. … Nestled amid the pine trees, at a scenic viewpoint overlooking the town and Gazebo lake, the installation merges seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and fresh mountain air. The piece serves as a naked-eye observatory, augmenting the natural beauty by framing the ever-changing sky within its borders.”

The Pudding: A Visual Guide to the Aztec Pantheon. Another home run from The Pudding. “The Gods illustrated below are imaginary. These made-up illustrations show how symbols and attributes in real Aztec iconography were composed to depict a God’s domain, abilities and needs.”

John Pistelli on Ulysses. “The opening chapters of the novel, the ones that deploy the famous stream-of-consciousness technique immersing us first in Stephen’s and then in Bloom’s inner lives (in chapters chapters one through three and four through six, respectively), brings us to the side of these protagonists as we are made viscerally to feel their intelligence and their loneliness, their sympathies and their sorrow, especially in contrast to their coarser fellows. … Every intellectual with a typewriter was producing hard-to-read novels in the 1920s, and we’re still reading this one and not most of the others, because, no matter how bitter a pill it may be for avantists to swallow, we care about Stephen and the Blooms the same way we care about Lizzy and Pip.”

When Elon Met Twitter. “(Also at one point Musk mentioned that he has seen no evidence of alien life, and no one really knew what to make of that.)”