Eli Merritt: It All Started With Rush Limbaugh. “No single historical event can explain the rise and plunder of Donald Trump over the past seven years. But an unmistakable origin date is 1987 when the Federal Communications Commission repealed the Fairness Doctrine, unleashing the lies and vitriol of Rush Limbaugh upon the airwaves.”

MIT Technology Review: Psychedelics are having a moment and women could be the ones to benefit. “Women are more likely to have PTSD than men, and transgender and gender-­diverse individuals are at a much higher risk of developing PTSD than the general population. Women also experience depression more often, with one in seven women suffering from postpartum depression alone. Studies suggesting good results from just a few doses of MDMA or psilocybin combined with therapy have led the FDA to designate those drugs as breakthrough therapies (a priority status given to promising drugs proposed to fill an unmet need) for PTSD and treatment-­resistant depression, respectively.”

Adam Mastroianni: Why aren’t smart people happier? “We’ve got no problem fawning over people who are good at solving well-defined problems. They get to be called ‘professor’ and ‘doctor.’ We pay them lots of money to teach us stuff. They get to join exclusive clubs like Mensa and the Prometheus Society. … People who are good at solving poorly defined problems don’t get the same kind of kudos. They don’t get any special titles or clubs. There is no test they can take that will spit out a big, honking number that will make everybody respect them.”