App Store doesn’t accept “too simple” apps. This is a wild story, especially in the context of all the crappy / scammy apps that are in the App Store.

Why Is This Interesting interview with W. David Marx, especially the bits about how the viral contagion model is the wrong one when thinking about how culture spreads. “Third, the concept of virality suggests that the beginning and end states of a trend are the same. The only reason things can “spread” from elites and the underground is that the media, manufacturers, and other institutions step in to simplify innovations to better fit pre-existing conventions. By the time a normal person is participating in a trend, all the edges have been sanded off.”

Building games and apps entirely through natural language using OpenAI’s code-davinci model. “TL;DR: OpenAI has a new code generating model that’s improved in a number of ways and can handle nearly two times as much text (4,000 tokens.) I built several small games and applications without touching a single line of code. There are limitations, and coding purely by simple text instructions can stretch your imagination, but it’s a huge leap forward and a fun experiment.”

James Harden throwing his birthday cake in the Ocean, and all of the replies. I can’t get enough of this.