Didn’t have this on my 2024 bingo card: Taylor Swift Beau Travis Kelce Will Help Finance a Basquiat Documentary.

WITI: The Saddle Stitch Edition. I loved the Hermès episode of Acquired; Why is this Interesting digs into the saddle stitch. “The craft and process is antithetical to mass-produced goods and is a good representation of what actual luxury is: based on effort, rare, and made to last.”

Via The Browser, this 13 year old, 3200 word piece on the Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine.

We care about what our words look like because we somewhere believe that this says something about who we are beyond font or scrawl. We think we can detect gender and personality, childhood traumas, future ambitions deep-seated hang-ups, sophistication and intelligence from the way a person’s hand puts ink to paper.

Greg.org on Richard Prince’s photographs of Milton Berle’s file cabinets of jokes:

When I first saw these images, I figured that their elongated, portrait-style dimensions reflected a decade of Prince using an iPhone as a studio. But they also simultaneously read as landscapes, with joke mesas extending to a cropped out horizon, a western desert begging for a cowboy. Then I saw the file cabinets, and realized these images also map to their subject, and the experience of living with these physical objects made over decades from words, ideas and language.

Richard Prince, untitled (Milton Berle), 2021