Rebind recipe: combine one part Project Gutenberg, one part Chat GPT, two parts Masterclass, add a healthy dash of pretense, mix well. I don’t buy the “director’s commentary” metaphor (the Rebind experts, like John Banville, aren’t the “directors” in this movie), but I am really into using LLMs to help people dig deeper into difficult material.

Related: I hadn’t really been paying attention to Authors Equity, but in his newsletter a few days ago James Clear (author of Atomic Habits and an investor in Authors Equity) announced that Seth Godin is publishing his next book there, and Joseph Nguyen signed with them to distribute his best selling Don’t Believe Everything You Think. The biggest difference between AE and traditional publishers? Profit sharing. From their FAQ: “We work with a joint venture/profit share model, paying no advance but offering a much higher per-unit payout to the authors we work with.”