May 27, 2004

every two years

Sped through the Whitney Biennial yesterday. It was impossible to do anything else but speed through it; the crowds were too thick, the rooms overly hung and the floorplan too mazelike. Nevertheless captured a couple of decent pics with the camphone, and made a quick list of the work I think is worth seeing at the show…

  • Kim Fisher’s abstract paintings.

  • Richard Prince’s wall sculptures

  • Alex Hay’s paintings of wood grain patterns

  • Robert Mangold’s column paintings

  • Golan Levin’s digital piece The Secret Lives of Numbers

  • Robert Longo’s charcoal drawings of breaking waves (why does it seem that so many people are commenting on Vija Celmins?)

  • And, of course, Hockney’s watercolors

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a sucker for painting. Had very little time / energy to engage with the video work, and most of the installation work screamed “I wanna be Sarah Sze!” To which the obvious reply is “Of course you do, sweetheart. Don’t we all?”