July 29, 2004

airborne toxic event

From ComingSoon.net:

Barry Sonnenfeld has teamed with Cherry Road Films on Don DeLillo’s White Noise, which he will direct and produce, reports Variety. … Stephen Schiff adapted the script for White Noise, winner of the 1985 National Book Award. Sonnenfeld told the trade that casting would begin immediately. He also hopes the project will regain sole claim over its title, which is shared by an upcoming Michael Keaton thriller from Universal Pictures.

Oh, no. Please, God, no. Barry Sonnenfeld? The guy who hasn’t done a halfway decent movie since Get Shorty? The guy who’s responsible for Men in Black II? Not to mention Stephen “Deep End of the Ocean” Schiff?

I’m praying this gets killed in pre-production. I just don’t think I could bear a Sonnenfeld interpretation of WN.