July 28, 2004

step one, admitting you have a problem.

Found in office desk drawers and unopened moving boxes over the past week, proof of a history of gadget addiction and a profound weakness for Palm devices.

  • One US Robotics-branded Palm Pilot.
  • One Palm III
  • One Handspring Visor Edge
  • One Stowaway foldout keyboard for the Visor
  • One Palm Vx, with blue hardside case
  • One OmniSky wireless modem for the PalmV
  • One Treo 300
  • One first gen 5 gig iPod with a busted screen
  • One first gen 5 gig iPod with a completely dead battery

This doesn’t include two other random cellphones, the couple of stray zip drives, the Danger Hiptop I sold to Heather, the digital camera I sold to Judith way back when, the other digital camera I just unloaded, the Slimp3 player that I’m transitioning out of service (Airport Express to the rescue!) and the dozens of associated power cords, brick adapters, serial and USB cables.

There are groups for people like me, yes? Meetings with stale coffee where everyone is known only by their first name, where notes are taken only in those dimestore spiral bound notebooks and where people tell of their struggle to avoid Apple’s retail presence?

Because, you know, I really want an iPod mini. Preferably in silver.