Jun 21, 2005

busy busy

Conferences, and, more importantly, releases.

(Enjoyed the afternoon at Supernova yesterday; good to run in to the "conference friends" that you only see at things like that. Also enjoyed having the last word in Janice's session about "A Whole New Internet," where the point I was trying to make (obliquely) is that just because the cost of content production and distribution is going down, it doesn't mean that everyone's personal information consumption habits will change overnight.  Over "the long run" (where we're all dead) the market as a whole will experience a shift in the aggregate supply/demand curve for attention, but in the near term there will be stickiness in behavior.  Not everyone has a need to blog in public, not everyone needs to read 150 feeds at once.  Some people will still get their news from their local newscast.)