Jun 28, 2005

free advice

Two items of advice, yours for the taking.

  1. When you pack your cellphone charging cord in your suitcase, and then check said suitcase for travel from one major city to another, don't expect said charging cord to arrive safely at its intended destination.  Actually, don't expect for it to arrive at all.  Instead, expect that the helpful sticker from the Department of Homeland Security that indicates that your bag has been "inspected" will actually signify that in the name of "safety" said item has been "liberated" from its dark and crowded home next to your travel-sized can of shaving cream.
  2. When you call the manufacturer of this particular model of cellphone charging cord and order a replacement, and pay for overnight shipping, and receive the earnest (and repeated) confirmation from the service representative that it will indeed ship today for delivery tomorrow at your work address (where you spend your day) and not your home address (where you don't spend your day), you shouldn't actually expect it to actually be shipped on that day, to that address.  Instead, expect it to be shipped later, to somewhere else entirely.

You know, in case you were needing such advice.